● Natation artistique
● Athlétisme (y compris para et Olympiques spéciaux)
● Baseball (hommes)
● Basketball (hommes et femmes)
● Volleyball de plage (hommes et femmes)
● Canoë-kayak – sprint
● Cyclisme – montagne
● Cyclisme – route (y compris para)
● Plongeon
● Voile
● Soccer (hommes et femmes)
● Softball (hommes et femmes)
● Natation (y compris para et Olympiques spéciaux)
● Tennis
● Volleyball (hommes et femmes)
● Lutte


Unapologetically athletic, artistic swimming is an embodiment of creativity, flexibility, strength, and technique.

Artistic swimming joined the Olympic program for the first time at the Los Angeles Games in 1984 with both solo and duet events. These events returned to the Olympic program in 1988 and 1992. Since the 2000 Olympic Games, artistic swimming has included both the team event and the duet. Team Canada has won 8 Olympic medals in artistic swimming. 

Artistic swimming has been on the Canada Winter Games sport program since the inaugural 1967 Games in Quebec City, QC. It will switch over to the Summer Games program for the 2025 Canada Summer Games in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Featuring notable alumni such as Jacqueline Simoneau, Rosalie Boissonneault and Emily Armstrong, the Canada Games have been a crucial step to many of Team Canada’s Olympic artistic swimmers.


Notable alumni

What you need to know about the upcoming games.
What you need to know about the upcoming games.
What you need to know about the upcoming games.

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